Wax Idols – “Mausoleum” Video

Most of us can only hope that, when we die, postpunk bands will be using our graves as a playground. Wax Idols are out here turning hopes into reality. The Oakland band, led by former White Lung member Hether Fortune, are getting ready to release the new album Happy Ending, and we’ve already posted their single “Scream.” They’ve also shared the catchy, buzzing new song “Mausoleum” in the form of a video, which the band co-directed with Dalton Townsend.

In the clip, the members of Wax Idols wear their most gothic getups and engage in Monkees-style hijinks in a cemetery. I especially appreciate the shots of a Wax Idol skateboarding while a giant black cape billows behind him, but the shots of Fortune singing to angel statues are fun, too.

Of the video, Fortune says:

We made this video ourselves with our friend Dalton Townsend and an old Sony Hi8 camcorder. The Monty Python-esque shenanigans are meant to stand in contrast to the bleak environment and subject matter of the song: life carries on after tragedy, but even though you learn to live with the pain of loss, it never really goes away. “Mausoleum” is a song about that feeling — when a memory or random experience has you unexpectedly thinking again about a loved one, and it almost feels like they’ve come back, just for a moment.

Here’s the clip:

Happy Ending is out 5/16 on Etruscan Gold.