HALEY – “Bratt”

Last year, the musician formerly known as Haley Bonar announced that she would be legally changing her name to Haley McCallum, adopting her maternal grandfather’s last name. She also said that she would no longer be putting out music under her birth name, instead choosing the abbreviated HALEY.

Today, HALEY has released her first material under the name: It’s a song called “Bratt,” which will be included on a limited-edition 7″ that will be released on Record Store Day 2018. It’s a song that starts off crunchy and a little icy before slowly morphing into something warm and bright, with cascading keys and a dreamy haze. Here’s what McCallum had to say about the song and its B-side, an as-yet-unreleased song called “My Wave”:

These two songs are kind of the last ones I wrote with lyrics in them, at least, for the time being. “Bratt” was intended to be sung from a teenage perspective, appropriating that unsentimental attitude while simultaneously looking back at yourself at that age, all of the insecurities that went along with it, letting go of your self-judgement on the past.

“My Wave” was intentional in its use of repetition and very few lyrics. I like the idea of words carrying the same sonic weight as another instrument, more or less a textural addition rather than a centrepiece or emotionally derivative. That being said, the lyrics themselves seem to morph in their meaning with the repetition; maybe referring to the loss of yourself at times, or the loss of another, our connection to the natural world, or an emotional disconnect. Finding the strength to recognise that you hold the power to finding yourself or controlling your own connection to the world around you and others is simple, and powerful.

The “Bratt” b/w “My Way” 7″ is available on Record Store Day 2018.