Beck – “Colors” Video (Feat. Alison Brie)

The celebrated filmmaker Edgar Wright has a background in music videos. Before his first movie Shaun Of The Dead hit screens, he’d directed videos for artists like the Bluetones and the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, and his 2003 video for Mint Royale’s “Blue Song” is a fascinating dry run for the opening chase scene from last year’s Baby Driver. So it’s fun to see Wright returning to the music-video world; he’s the man behind the clip for Beck’s new “Colors” video.

“Colors,” the title track from the divisive album that Beck released last year, is a bright and shimmery song, and its video is just as bright. In the clip, Beck co-stars with G.L.O.W./Community/Mad Men star Alison Brie. Both Beck and Brie dance with a troupe of jumpsuited, ski-masked goons, and everything is either bright blue or bright yellow. It’s like a surreal mutation of an old movie-musical number.

Beck was once the greatest dancer in ’90s alt-rock. And even if that’s a world’s-tallest-midget situation, there’s something gratifying about seeing this guy doing elaborate choreographed moves. There’s also something gratifying about seeing Brie do anything. Sadly, the video is, for now, an Apple Music exclusive. If you’re a member, you can watch it here. Meanwhile check out a preview below.

Colors is out now on Capitol.