The Voidz – “Pyramid Of Bones” Video

The Voidz – “Pyramid Of Bones” Video

Oh hey sorry, I got sidetracked and totally spaced on ya the other day. I never finished that thing I was saying about this new Voidz album, Virtue. Where were we again? Did I get to the part about the Queer Eye reboot and “Fab Five” food dude Antoni and how he included the solo-Jules jawn “11th Dimension” in his 10 Best Strokes Songs list? No? Fuck. Lemme start again.

Haha, guys I’m kidding! What did you think, like, this was an episode of “Talkin’ ‘Bout Other Timelines“? No, no, we’re still in this one … the darkest timeline. Sorry to scare ya, I was just having some harmless fun. Now, could I write more? Hey, sure, I could drag it out — but that’s for other hacks to do. But not me, man. I got nothing to say. For AT LEAST … two weeks.

Yr boy JFC, though? He don’t stop. What was that spoken-word Strokes bit I was quoting? Here it is: “Fuck the rest.” Now, you could read the word “rest” as meaning, “the rest of the guys in the band.” Or? You could read it as, like, “Fuck taking a break. Fuck vacation. Fuck sleep.” Fear of sleep? Something? Who knows. But re: what I was saying about “rest,” friends, let me refer you to a line from the Led Zeppelin tune “Stairway To Heaven”: “‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.” OK, sure, “you know” that, but have you ever read Cameron Crowe’s 1975 Rolling Stone cover story on Zep? Did you know he had to go to insane lengths to convince the magazine’s editors to put Zep on the cover? He was 17! But this leads me to the REAL point I was trying to make…

OK, no I am truly, seriously, self-destructively fucking with you. The REAL point is: JC+TheVoidz just dropped a new clip for Virtue track “Pyramid Of Bones.” All the Virtue vidz so far have been fucking incredible — and this one is no exception — but I actually hate videos (I prefer FILM), so I’m gonna keep this short: “Pyramid Of Bones” is an awesome song. It’s sorta built on this cheap-amp garage-Sabbath riff, and Julian is doing a teenage-kid-doing-Ozzy thing with his vocal, but it’s got a lot more going on, too. By and large, the lyrics are about oppression and inequality on a national and global scale, but also, that first line — “I’m a devil, I’m a villain/ Aggressive driver with a casual expression” — is a blatant reference to the way JC was portrayed by the media during the Strokes days [annotation needed]. He kinda slaps some icing on this with the line about how he’s “just the guy from the ’11th Dimension'” at the end of that verse. Which brings me back to what I was saying about Antoni…

Jesus, I gotta stop myself here or else this WILL be an ep of “Talkin’ ‘Bout Other Timelines.” Just watch the vid below, will ya? Also, read this terrific interview with Jules, conducted by my friend — and old-skool Stereogum alumnus, and The Sweetest Guy In The World, and also The Best Interviewer — Cole Rachel. He and Julian talk a little bit about videos, actually. Here’s Jules:

In a movie or a with a video, it’s the editing. Filming a movie or a video, it’s like “Fun! Hey, we’ll get some wigs, we’ll laugh. We’ll get the lighting. Oh, this looks so cool. High five. Let’s shoot it again. Wasn’t that great? We’re filming stuff!” But then the editing is just like torture, which is a bummer because that’s really where you make or break it it. Suddenly you’re like, “I’ve looked at this 1,000 times. I don’t even know what I’m looking at anymore.” Same with recording sometimes. But that’s often where you make it either good or really not good, and that’s not a fun process.

I love it, man, for real. Also? “It’s the editing” is just a good, solid piece of advice. Bye bye!

Virtue is out tomorrow via RCA. Buy it so RCA gives this man money to make more Voidz music, goddammit.

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