Westside Gunn – “Easter Gunnday 3″ (Feat. Benny & Keisha Plum)

Buffalo rap monster Westside Gunn has a fun annual tradition. Every year, he’ll come out with a burst of nasty, jovial fuck-you-up talk every easter, calling the result “Easter Gunnday.” Last year’s “Easter Gunnday 2” was eight minutes long, and it featured a spoken-word intro from Keisha Plum and a guest verse from Mach-Hommy. Yesterday, Westside Gunn came out with “Easter Gunnday 3,” and it’s almost as long. Keisha Plum returns, and regular collaborator Benny shows up. The shuffling, piano-looping beat comes from another regular collaborator, the producer Daringer. Listen below, via 2DopeBoyz.

Westside Gunn just came out with his FLYGOD Is Good… All The Time EP last week. He says he’s working on a new album called Chris Benoit, which means he’s somehow come up with a worse title than Hitler Wears Hermes.