Beach House – “Dark Spring” Video

Beach House – “Dark Spring” Video

Last month, the beloved Baltimore duo Beach House officially announced their forthcoming seventh record — titled, appropriately enough, 7. They’d already been teasing it beforehand, via lead singles “Lemon Glow” and “Dive.” (The latter of the two marked such an exciting expansion of their sound that it ranked as one of our favorite songs that week.) 7 is still a little over a month away, but the band is back today with another new one: “Dark Spring.”

Where “Dive” lifted off halfway through, “Dark Spring” immediately ignites with a brooding, greyscale surge — as if dropping you right into the middle of a story already in process. It’s as beautiful as you’d expect a new Beach House song to be, an intricate balance of textures that all feel aqueous, with Victoria Legrand’s vocals a coo subsumed in a rush of synth glimmers and the periodic intrusion of distorted guitar flashes. All of which is to say: It’s another great new song that suggests 7 is going to be something special.

The track also comes with a video directed by Zia Anger, who said the project was “a very organic thing made with a lot of people (who are also filmmakers), that I love and trust. An anomaly in process.” The clip is of a piece with Beach House’s customarily luxuriant brooding, all black and white and nocturnal, quickly moving through settings and imagery while often obscuring part of what you’re seeing. Check it out below.

7 is out 5/11 via Sub Pop.

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