Exitmusic – “Trumpets Fade”

Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church make up the dream pop duo Exitmusic. After making music together for over 10 years, their forthcoming album, Recognitions, will be their last collaborative release — actual exit music this time, then. This recognition of finitude characterizes the freeing sorrow felt throughout the record, perhaps most poignantly on “Trumpets Fade.” The single is ethereal and triumphant. Palladino’s voice, reminiscent of a downcast Lana Del Rey, soars about Church’s whirling soundscape, conjuring a soft storm.

Church expands on the single:

“Trumpets Fade” is one of my favorite Exitmusic songs. It does something I always hoped we could do. A slow build over a single chord progression that climaxes in a subtle but powerful way. I think it captures the ambivalent, almost surreal, dreamlike quality that accompanies a breakup or any major life change. The stream of consciousness feel of the lyrics, backwards guitars and drums, stuttering trumpet samples, synth arpeggios and Aleksa’s soaring but understated vocals, all merging into this melodic chaos and resolving into the timeless little guitar line Aleksa plays at the end, which reminds me of her favorite Neapolitan folk singer, Roberto Murolo. Like after all this whirlwind of uncertainty, the path forward emerges, and you follow it, tentatively.

Listen to “Trumpets Fade” below.

The Recognitions is out 4/20 via felte. Pre-order it here. In the meantime, Palladino is acting in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman alongside Robert DeNiro and Church is working on a solo record.