Ekali & Medasin – “Forever” (Feat. Elohim)

Ekali is Vancouver DJ/producer Nathan Shaw; perhaps you heard “Babylon,” his trap crusher with Denzel Curry? Medasin is an unnamed Dallas DJ/producer fresh out of his teens. They’re dropping a track together today ahead of Coachella this weekend, and it’s a thing of beauty.

“Forever” features vocals from Elohim, an artist we’ve repped for in, the past. Over a bed of soft synths, finger snaps, and subtly deployed drum programming, her voice unfurls in breathy mewls and sighs through liquid crystal filters. This being a big-budget EDM track, it builds to something of a drop with bigger, bolder, more euphoric sounds following in its wake, but the whole production is winsomely delicate and understated. It’s like a more low-key cousin to last year’s awesome Cashmere Cat album.

Ekali explains the track’s genesis:

I wrote “Forever” with Elohim over a year ago, and the song went through a dozen iterations before I found the right sounds for her voice. Medasin had a demo of what is now the “drop” of the song laying around and it really drove the tune home.

“There’s this world that I’m living in, stranger than the one before,” Elohim sings. “I don’t want to fight it anymore.” And you, reader, would be wise not to resist “Forever,” so give into it below.

“Forever” is out now on OWSLA/Atlantic/Big Beat.

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