Tanners – “Holy Water”

Tanners is the project of Tanner Peterson, a New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer. After studying music technology in college, Peterson went on to engineer albums for other artists until she realized her real ambition was to pursue her own musical output. The result is her debut EP, due out later this year.

Ahead of that collection, Tanners has shared a lead single called “Holy Water.” Here’s what Peterson had to say about the inspiration behind the track:

I’ve struggled with anxiety and vulnerability since I was a child. One of my earliest coping mechanisms was visualizing my happy place: the beach. Since then, the ocean has held a place in my heart as a symbol of serenity and safety. “Holy Water” celebrates the beauty and electricity that’s born from allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable with another. It’s a thank you song to the ocean for teaching me to embrace vulnerability.

Appropriately enough, “Holy Water” begins with a set of electronics and synths that sound like waves gently crashing and receding on the beach, with Peterson singing “Come with me and swim into my daydream.” The song grows from there, deploying a few memorable synth lines until it bursts into a chorus that conjures up that giddy, initial spark of recognition Peterson’s referring to, that moment of opening up and connecting with someone or something else. Check it out below.

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