Yodeling Boy To Perform At Coachella

Yodeling Boy To Perform At Coachella

Ah, Coachella. The two weekends weekends that music’s greatest stars converge upon the Southern California desert to perform for a vast crowd of mostly-rich kids who are on many, many drugs. It finally starts today. Plenty of big stars are on the posters. Plenty more will show up, either just to hang out or to come out onstage for surprise appearances. And one of those surprise appearances will be our biggest new star: The yodeling kid.

In the past few weeks, a video has gone viral: A little kid, in the aisle of a Wal-Mart, wearing a bow tie and cowboy boots and putting his entire soul into singing Hank Williams’ country oldie “Lovesick Blues” and doing all the yodeling that the song requires. The video has made the kid — 11-year-old Mason Ramsey, from the tiny Ohio River town of Golconda, Illinois — into an instant star. He’s been on Ellen. He’s played a concert in a Wal-Mart parking lot that was livestreamed on Facebook. And now, he’s coming to Coachella.

TMZ reports that Ramsey will be onstage at Coachella this afternoon. He’s performing with the Chicago dance producer Whethan at 2:45PM in the Sahara tent. TMZ also reports that a whole lot of Coachella artists have apparently reached out and attempted to get Ramsey to share the stage with them. One of them, hilariously, is Post Malone. But Post Malone is performing on Saturday night, and Ramsey already has a booking that night; he’s performing at the Grand Ole Opry. He might show up with Post during the festival’s second weekend, though. Mark your calendar.

Here’s the video that made this kid a star:

Someone better be in charge of making sure Post Malone does not give this kid any molly.

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