Prefuse 73 – “Basinskitarian”

Guillermo S. Herren, better known as Prefuse 73, spent 2015 clearing out the pipes, putting out four distinct releases, including a proper full-length, Rivington Não Rio and two EPs, Every Color Of Darkness and Forsyth Gardens. He spent 2016 working with the Boston rapper Michael Christmas as Fudge, and then he was relatively silent last year. But today Prefuse 73 has announced a new album, which is called Sacrifices and will be out next month, and shared a song from it called “Basinskitarian,” an homage to the venerated composer William Basinski. Listen to it below.

01 “New Salad Intro”
02 “Late To The Party”
03 “Her Desire Is To Be Left Alone”
04 “Transmission Nines”
05 “Without Anyone”
06 “The New Year”
07 “Gravure”
08 “Washington Heights Lovers”
09 “Basinskitarian”
10 “Silver & Gold”
11 “The World Is Bigger”
12 “In The Blood”
13 “Transmission Of Eights”
14 “Azares”
15 “Dripping With Excuses”
16 “False Charges”
17 “We Lost Our Beat Tapes In Mecca”

Sacrifices is out 5/25 via Lex Records.

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