Kali Uchis’ Guitarist “Just Didn’t Show Up” To Coachella

Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis put out her very good debut album, Isolation, last Friday. And this Friday, she celebrated by performing at Coachella, bringing Tyler, The Creator out during her set to perform their collab “After The Storm.” But apparently, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Apparently, she was supposed to have a guitarist. She didn’t have a guitarist. And according to Uchis, she didn’t have a guitarist because that guitarist just … didn’t show up to the gig. “my band got a new guitarist, she got psyched out last minute & jus didn’t show up to the fest yesterday, so we had to play 15 new songs w no guitarist,” Uchis tweeted after her performance. “also sound issues but WHEN LIFE PUSHES U DOWN U GET BACK UP STRONGER & I WILL GIVE U SUCH A BETTER SHOW NEXT WEEKEND & TUESDAY.”

The guitarist in question played at Uchis’ pre-Coachella gig at the Novo club in downtown Los Angeles, and things seemed to go OK that time. It’s unclear what happened, and it’s unclear if this means that Uchis now has to look for another new guitarist. I guess we’ll find out soon enough?

Read Uchis’ tweet about the incident below.