The Thermals’ Kathy Foster Forms New Band Roseblood, Shares Debut Single “Black Veil”

Kathy Foster has spent the past decade and a half as the bassist for the beloved pogo-punk power trio the Thermals, and before that, she was one half of the folk-pop duo Hutch & Kathy with her future Thermals bandmate Hutch Harris. Earlier this month, however, the Thermals announced that they would be parting ways and moving on to new projects. And for Kathy Foster, that new project is Roseblood.

Foster has been writing and recording her own songs for years under various aliases, but aside from a handful of shows and a few DIY releases, she’s spent most of her energy focusing on her other group projects. But in this brave new post-Thermals world, she’s turned that focus back inward, on herself. And while she’s enlisted a talented crew of musicians to help her realize her vision of the music in live concert as a four-piece, she serves as the sole songwriter, arranger, and studio instrumentalist for Roseblood.

Which means that it’s her emotions on display in the project’s first official single, which she’s just shared today as an introduction. Black Veil” is much slower, sadder, and more soulful than the infectiously snotty energy of her old band, channeling shadowy girl-group pop and desert-fried blues into an evocatively melancholic tale of love lost. Listen to it below.