worlds greatest dad – “a song for mogis”

Dogs are powerful! That was the message behind worlds greatest dad’s video for “laughing (while you’re smiling),” where two pups served as a catalyst for a whirlwind romance, and it’s the point of “a song for mogis,” the next single from the Atlanta-based band’s upcoming debut album. The Mogis in question is the pet of lead singer/guitarist Maddie Duncan, presumably named after the Saddle Creek-affiliated producer and musician. “If I didn’t have a dog, I’d probably blow out my brains,” Duncan begins the song, dedicating it to the little pals that are always there for us when we’re feeling at our lowest. “I wrote this song about having a quarter-life crisis and how my dog Mogis has essentially kept me alive through all of it,” she explains. Listen via GoldFlakePaint below.

get well soon is out 5/11 via Deep Rest Records. Pre-order it here.