Hundred Waters – “Mushroom Cloud”

Hundred Waters – “Mushroom Cloud”

Last year, Hundred Waters followed up their great 2014 album The Moon Rang Like A Bell with an equally great new one called Communicating. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles-via-Florida synth-folk experimentalists recorded a piano cover of the Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs track “I Don’t Believe In The Sun” during a live-in-studio session for Spotify. And now, in between sets at Coachella, they’re back with a brand new single.

The song comes from the same studio sessions that gave rise to Communicating, but where that album occasionally found the band embracing their synth-poppier side, “Mushroom Cloud” is more of a drifting digital-age piano ballad. It’s also absolutely gorgeous, slowly filling the ample space between the echoing chords and singer Nicole Miglis’ voice with a mounting tide of electronic white noise.

Along with the new song, the band have shared a new short documentary film from directors Jennifer Medina and Ben Mullinkosson. Shot mostly in their Los Angeles home during the lead-up to Hundred Waters’ three-month tour in support of Communicating, the nearly six-minute movie documents the past six years in the personal and musical lives of the band’s Nicole Miglis and Trayer Tryon. Listen to “Mushroom Cloud” and watch that doc below.

“Mushroom Cloud” is out now.

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