Stream The Flex Flexual Healing Vol. 7

A week and a half ago, I watched the Flex, a hardcore band from the British city of Leeds, play a ripshit-nuts late-night set at Washington, DC’s Damaged City festival. The Flex play old-school tough-guy hardcore, and they have a big fucking bruiser of a singer. But they play with a frantic, low-tech intensity that sets them apart from many of the tough-guy hardcore bands who have risen to the top of the American scene in recent decades.

Today, the Flex released a new EP with the regrettable title Flexual Healing, Vol. 7. (Records from the band’s Flexual Healing series could be anything from a full EP to a single-song demo.) The new EP rockets through four songs in about eight minutes, and all four songs are the type of thing that will make you want to punch your neighbor in the throat. Listen to it below.

You can buy Flexual Healing Vol. 7 at Bandcamp.

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