Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – “Bad Dreams”

Next week, Scarlett Johansson returns to the role of the Black Widow in the new movie Avengers: Infinity War. I can’t wait! I hope she doesn’t get killed! But before that happens, Johansson has appeared in another sequel of sorts. And this one is one that nobody saw coming.

Way the hell back in 2009, Johansson and the singer-songwriter Pete Yorn teamed up to release an album of duets called Break Up. (This was Johansson’s second album. In 2008, she released Anywhere I Lay My Head, an album of Tom Waits covers that TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek produced.) And today, Yorn and Johansson have announced that they’ll follow it up later this spring with a new EP called Apart.

In a press release, Johansson says:

Being able to revisit this project with Pete in a totally different context but within the same creative parameters is a unique artistic opportunity for me. It is always a pleasure to sing with Pete because I think our voices and stories complement each other.

First single “Bad Dreams” is a gleaming rocker that takes a lot of advantage of the nice contrast between Yorn and Johansson’s voices. Sophie Muller has directed a video for the song, in which Johansson and Yorn go on a hallucinatory road trip. It’s an Apple Music exclusive right now; if you’re signed in, you can watch it here. Meanwhile, hear “Bad Dreams” below.

The Apart EP is out 6/1 on Capitol.