Third Man This Month Arrested On Taylor Swift’s Property

A couple of weeks ago, a guy was arrested trying to scale the wall of Taylor Swift’s mansion in Beverly Hills while screaming the singer’s name. Earlier this week, another man wearing a mask and rubber gloves and carrying a knife, a rope, and live ammunition was arrested outside that same Beverly hills mansion. And now a third man has been arrested for breaking into one of the singer’s homes.

TMZ reports that a man named Roger Alvarado was arrested yesterday after breaking into a New York City brownstone owned by Swift. According to law enforcement sources, the guy entered the house by climbing up a ladder and smashing a window with his hand. He then proceeded get real comfortable, taking a shower and falling asleep in a bed inside the home.

Taylor wasn’t home at the time — according to TMZ, she bought the property a few months ago but has never actually lived there. But a witness spotted Alvarado breaking into the house and called the police, who came and arrested him inside the home. He’s being charged with stalking, burglary, and criminal mischief.

Here’s a free public service announcement: Don’t break into Taylor Swift’s house. It’s creepy and bad and you’ll get arrested. Just don’t do it.

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