The Rock*A*Teens Announce Reunion Album; Hear “Go Tell Everybody”

The Cabbagetown, Georgia indie rock band the Rock*A*Teens had a great little run, starting in 1994 and cranking out five albums of satisfyingly hooky power pop — taking rock ‘n’ roll fundamentals and running them through cloudy, idiosyncratic filters — before breaking up in 2002. They never got huge, but they maintained a loyal following, especially among their fellow musicians. The band’s sound was rooted in the garage rock of the mid-’60s, but it was emblematic of a ’90s college rock moment where bands were doing cool, interesting things with that sound. And now the Rock*A*Teens are coming back.

The Rock*A*Teens actually reunited in 2014 to play shows, but now, as NPR reports, they’ve got a whole new album loaded up and ready to go. They’ve returned to Merge Records, their old label, and the new album Sixth House is coming this summer. It’ll be the first Rock*A*Teens album since 2000’s Sweet Bird Of Youth.

The band has just shared first single “Go Tell Everybody.” It’s a big, chunky burst of melody. Frontman Christopher Lopez has a scratcher, more ragged voice than before, and the production is less fuzzy than we’re used to hearing from this band, but this is unmistakably a Rock*A*Teens song. Listen below, via NPR.

Sixth House is out 6/29 on Merge.