Jaye Jayle – “Ode To Betsy”

Jaye Jayle – “Ode To Betsy”

For years, Evan Patterson has been exploring dark, subterranean sonics as the guitarist and vocalist of the Louisville post-hardcore/noise-rock trio Young Widows. But he recently stepped out on his own to explore a different kind of darkness, making bluesy, brooding Americana under the name Jaye Jayle. The project expanded to a full four-piece band last year with the release of their full-length debut House Cricks And Other Excuses To Get Out. And today, Patterson and co. have announced its followup, the evocatively titled No Trail And Other Unholy Paths, which will be out in June on the heavy music haven Sargent House.

“Paths are the future and trails are the past. These pieces of music are for the future,” Patterson says by way of explanation. “The album has a lyrical theme in motion and direction, searching and questioning, and discovery. A certainty in placement and uncertainty in destination. Primal consideration for surroundings, which may be or may not have been the surroundings sought after. The grayness of life’s paths. The where-have-I-been, where-am-I-now, and where-will-I-be.” Appropriately, the album was constructed to have no specific beginning or end, with sides A and B meant to be interchangeable starting points. Even more appropriately, it was produced by Dean Hurley, who’s served as David Lynch’s go-to music supervisor for the past 12 years.

That Lynchian darkness is on full display on new track “Ode To Betsy,” along with a sizable helping of Nick Cave-ian heaviness. The song unfurls like the gnarled roots of an old oak, burrowing its way into your skull through its hypnotically unrelenting repetition. Listen and let it sink into you below.

No Trail And Other Unholy Paths is out 6/29 on Sargent House.

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