Seattle Hotel Unveils Pearl Jam Suite

Pearl Jam have one of the most devoted fanbases of any band currently working. But are their fans devoted enough that they’ll pay top dollar for a hotel suite just because it’s got a Pearl Jam theme? The Seattle hotel the Edgewater is banking on it.

The Edgewater, which also has a Beatles-themed suite, is now taking bookings in its Pearl Jam suite. The hotel partnered with the band and their fan club to put together the new hotel suite. According to the hotel’s website, the suite includes “industrial, grunge-inspired designs,” “authentic band art posters,” “fan representation in design,” and “ultimate rock ‘n’ roll luxury.”

The suite also has a record player, stocked with the band’s albums on vinyl (spin the black circle!) and a guitar and amplifier, presumably so that you can play along with those records. My sympathies to whoever books the room right next to the Pearl Jam suite. Personally, I think they missed an opportunity by not hanging PJ PJs in the closet.

Here are some photos of the suite:

You can book the suite here; it appears that room rates start around $529. Alternately, you could stay in a Motel 6 and hang a Mother Love Bone poster on the wall.

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