*NSYNC Reunite For Hollywood Walk Of Fame And JC Chasez Says What We’re All Thinking

Springtime has a tendency to bring out the poptimist in all of us. The weather is too nice to justify spending your days indoors listening to sadcore. Summer hits are just around the corner. If there’s season to air your ’90s pop nostalgia, this is it. The spirit spread to Hollywood Boulevard today where ’90s teen pop icons *NSYNC were given a plaque on the Walk of Fame.

Carson Daly and Ellen DeGeneres spoke at the celebration. Daly sported black nail polish, recalling what he wore 20 years ago on TRL when he first introduced *NSYNC. DeGeneres paid homage to the band that “rocketed to fame and stole the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, and some curious boys.” *NSYNC member Lance Bass took the time to acknowledge the past silence around his sexual orientation, “I had a secret…But so many nights onstage, I’d see young gay fans singing their hearts out, and I wanted to let them know that ‘I was you.'”

Bass told Us Weekly that they’re releasing a clothesline together, “We talk daily…it’s taken us a year to come up with this capsule collection and we’re going to release it at the pop-up on Monday.” The pop-up is called the “Dirty Pop-up Shop,” playing off their song “Dirty Pop.” Bass continued, “We wanted to give the fans something special. There are fans flying in from all over the world to come to this thing.”

Aside from JC Chasez’s 40th birthday party this year, this is the first time that *NSYNC have reunited since the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Almost 20 years removed from the boy band’s peak craze and well into the general meme-ification of pop culture, Chasez says what we’re all thinking: