The Goon Sax – “She Knows”

Formed during the throes of adolescence, the Goon Sax maintain an innate angst and awkwardness. Their critically acclaimed 2016 debut wove clever, dejected musings into jangly ’80s-inspired numbers. Now, freshly signed to Wichita Recordings, the Australian guitar pop trio are gearing up to release their sophomore album.

The artists on Wichita’s roster — including Cloud Nothings and FIDLAR — tend toward emotive, often frenetic indie rock, making the Goon Sax an apt addition. This sensibility is apparent on their forthcoming album’s lead single “She Knows,” a scratchy coming-of-age love song.

A nervous riff pulsates as the band — now 21, 20, and 19 — sort through newly evolved neuroses. Lyrics like, “It always hurts when no one replies, I need to tell someone what’s on my mind,” air modern anxieties.

Vocalist James Harrison expands on the song in a statement:

“She Knows” has become a very fast song, which took us a lot of practice to be able to finally hit and strum our instruments fast enough, with a lot of string breaking. I hope it makes people energetic and excited to listen to, its a song about losing hope, stubbornness and heartache. Im not sure if its our saddest song, but maybe if you lock yourself in your room for a couple of days and only listen to it you might not feel so happy, it is also okay if you feel happy to this song! Even better!!!

Listen to “She Knows” below.

1. Make Time 4 Love
2. Love Lost
3. She Knows
4. Losing Myself
5. Somewhere In Between”
6. Strange Light”
7. Sleep EZ”
8. We Can’t Win”
9. A Few Times Too Many”
10. Now You Pretend”
11. Get Out”
12. Til The End”

We’re Not Talking is out 9/14 via Wichita Recordings.

CREDIT: Ryan Topaz
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