Lilith – “I’ll Come Over”

Last year, the Boston-based band Lilith released their debut EP, Apology Plant, a sharp and promising collection of smudgy indie-pop. The trio — which is made up of teenhood band camp friends Hannah Liuzzo, Kelsey Francis, and Adam Demirjian — are following that up with a new cassingle that’s out early next month and features two new songs, and they have plans for a debut full-length later this year.

Their new single, “I’ll Come Over,” is more crystal-cut than anything on their EP. Liuzzo and Francis echo each other over lurching guitars, while Demirjian’s drumming pounds away, supporting the doodads and drop-outs that pepper the song, from chimes to squeaks to gently building harmonies. It’s confident and catchy and a little defiant, as they search for the middle ground between upholding someone’s personal accountability and outright forgiveness.

“I don’t want to be the one who leaves you out there alone, but I don’t want to be the one who lets you get away with all the things that I would never let another one do,” they sing towards the end of the track, voices intertwining until it becomes something like a seasick cheer.

Listen below.

06/01 Philadelphia, PA @ All Night Diner (w/ Caracara, Grayling, & TBA)
06/02 New York, NY @ Trans Pecos (w/ Wild Pink, Fits, & Pet Fox)
06/03 Boston, MA @ Great Scott (w/ Horse Jumper Of Love, Mini Dresses, & Me In Capris)

Lilith’s new cassingle will be out on 6/1 via Disposable America.

CREDIT: Mel Taing
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