Beach House – “Black Car”

Beach House – “Black Car”

Beach House have shared some truly mesmerizing singles from their forthcoming seventh album, but today’s release, “Black Car,” is the most hypnotic yet. Lush textures are trimmed into a minimal beat on this new track, as a haunting xylophone riff guides the synth-soaked trance.

In our recent interview with Beach House, Victoria Legrand expands on their new album, “Does it touch on human feelings and does it touch on darkness and chaos? Yes. It echoes those feelings that have existed in the past, present, and probably will continue into the future as long as humans are on planet Earth. There are forces that we all experience.”

“Black Car” reaches toward that existential unease. It meets universal darkness with melancholic meditation. Listen and watch the visual below.

7 is out 5/11 via Sub Pop.

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