Priests – “Suck (U.S. Girls Remix)”

Priests – “Suck (U.S. Girls Remix)”

Priests put out one of the best albums of last year in Nothing Feels Natural. U.S. Girls put out one of the best albums of this year in In A Poem Unlimited. And now, the two artists have teamed up: U.S. Girls’ Meg Remy has remixed “Suck,” the closing track from Nothing Feels Natural, for a new EP that also includes an extended version of “Suck.”

“When we released Nothing Feels Natural last year we REALLY wanted the full/longer version of ‘Suck’ to close out the record, but technical difficulty prevented this from happening,” Priests wrote on Instagram. “Until now!!! Enjoy the full version of ‘Suck’ in all its glory (ft the multi talented Mark Cisneros) AND THEN groove on some remixes from U.S. Girls and KAG (Katie’s electronic solo moniker).”

Remy’s “remix” of the track is really more of a total reinterpretation, stretching the original’s funk-punk groove out into something haunted and eerie and pitch-shifting Katie Alice Greer’s voice into oblivion. Listen to it below along with the extended version of “Suck” and Greer’s “Suck/Obsessed With The Police” KAG remix.

The Suck – Extended Mix & Remixes EP is out now.

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