Mac DeMarco – “She’s My Sweet” & “Fuck The Toronto Raptors”

Last night was the Met Gala, the annual event where all of celebritykind shows up and competes to see who can wear the most ridiculous clothes. Grimes came wearing a strange, enormous, and offputting accessory on her arm; apparently, it’s called Elon Musk. Nicki Minaj, dragging what appeared to be a lake of fire behind her, announced her new album. 2 Chainz proposed to his fiancée for a second time. It was all very exciting. And in the excitement, it seems, Mac DeMarco formed a new band.

Last night, DeMarco shared two new songs — songs not credited to DeMarco himself but to a new band called Met Gala. In those songs’ YouTube description, it says that these tracks “She’s My Sweet” and “Fuck The Toronto Raptors,” were “recorded earlier today on the red carpet at the Met Gala,” which seems implausible. On those songs, DeMarco is credited with “Computer, Waves plugin, Vocal Hooks, Autotune.” The band’s personnel also includes regular DeMarco collaborators like Alec Meen and Peter Sagar (also of Homeshake), as well as DIIV’s Colin Caulfield. The band member with the most enviable job is Andrew Neville, credited with “Basketball Consultant, Finger snaps.”

The two songs are hazy, fuck-around sketches, mostly full of the same phrase repeated over and over. But they’re not jammy, loose rock songs, the way so many other DeMarco songs are. Instead, they’re warm, woozy, R&B-influenced things, full of lightly funky synth-bass and DeMarco cooing through Auto-Tune. Check out both songs below.

DeMarco’s most recent album is last year’s This Old Dog, out on Captured Tracks.