The Ophelias – “Fog” (Prod. Yoni Wolf)

Cincinnati’s all-girl art-rock project the Ophelias fits right in with the delicate, vulnerable, sadness-tinged indie rock of bands like Frankie Cosmos, but their avant-garde influences still have room to come through.

Not sticking to the genre’s usual guitar-heavy sound, the quartet’s new single “Fog” is full of vibrant strings and wobbly, reverberating interludes. If only for a second — six seconds, to be exact — the song’s opening channels Laurie Anderson’s electronic performance piece “O Superman” with its bouncing, converging voices. But it’s also peppy enough that it gives off subtle school choir vibes. It immediately drew me in.

“Fog” is the opening track from the Ophelias’ upcoming album Almost, which was produced by Yoni Wolf of WHY? Just under two minutes, it’s jumpy, sweeping, and polished. It feels alive and warm, as if covered in a sheet of honey. Singer Spencer Peppet’s voice does not merge into the music. She stands alone, separated, offering the song distinct layers as her deep, almost distant voice contrasts the bright instrumentation. The track’s through-line of love and nature peaks in the chorus: “I want to be warm/ I want you to be warm/ Please don’t leave me alone/ I will swallow the fog.” Listen below.

01 “Fog”
02 “General Electric”
03 “Lover’s Creep”
04 “Night Signs”
05 “O Command”
06 “Lunar Rover”
07 “Bird”
08 “House”
09 “Zero”
10 “Moon Like Sour Candy”

Almost is out 7/13 on Joyful Noise. Pre-order it here.