Many Voices Speak – “Necessaries”

A move from Stockholm to the small industrial town of Borlänge and a burgeoning love of karaoke helped Sweden’s Matilda Mård unlock the inspiration and relaxation that informs her lush dream pop under the name Many Voices Speak. Her new track “Necessaries” presents a denser version of that sound than the slumbery whisper that was her 2016 “Blue Moon” cover, which led up to the release of Many Voices Speak’s introductory EP Away For All Time.

The new song feels grounded even when Mård’s sultry, breathy voice floats. With the guitar’s rolling, circuital melody, “Necessaries” slowly moves forward. She reaches an empathic melancholy, intoning lyrics like, “I fear I need your love.” As the hook repeats, it’s clear she is stumbling at the prospect of letting herself depend on another person. Or as Mård herself explains it:

“Necessaries” is about the progress and crisis you find yourself in when your certainties weaken or even withdraw. It reflects my own attempts to replace cynicism with knowledge and humility for the conditions of life.

Subtle, drawn-out horns insert themselves into the song throughout each chorus adding to the wistful, dreamy fuzz. Listen below. It’ll help you fall asleep (in a good way), or perhaps will wake you up to Mård’s talent.

“Necessaries” is out 5/11 on Hit City U.S.A./Strangers Candy.