Deadpool 2 Is The First Film Score In History To Receive A Parental Advisory Warning

The score for Deadpool 2 is the first score ever to receive a parental advisory warning sticker. The score for Marvel’s sarcastic superhero franchise carries tracks with titles like “Holy Shit Balls,” “Make The Whole World Our Bitch,” and “You Can’t Stop This Motherfucker.” That last one features an epic-sounding and very serious Lord Of The Rings-style chorus repeating phrases like “You can’t stop him/ You can’t stop this mother fucker” and “Holy shit balls.”

The score’s composer is Tyler Bates, who told Billboard that the parental advisory sticker is “a badge of honor.” That score is out today via Sony Classical, and you can listen to a selection from it below. Deadpool 2, the movie, is out 5/18.

Bates also handled the music for Atomic Blonde, which we highlighted in our Noteworthy Movie Soundtracks From 2017 list.