Uffie – “Drugs”

Uffie – “Drugs”

Uffie popped up for the first time in a while on Charli XCX’s Number 1 Angel mixtape last year, but the late ’00s blog-pop curio has been largely silent since the release of her 2010 debut, Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans. But now the musician born Anna-Catherine Hartley is mounting a comeback that’s been a few years in the making.

Last Friday, she released her first song in seven years, “Drugs,” and it’s pretty good! It’s basically the opposite of what you’d expect an Uffie track called “Drugs” to sound like: It’s a tender distorted ballad about keeping a relationship steady separate from the fog of substance abuse. “The drugs don’t love you like I do/ Don’t walk away from me tonight,” she sings, her voice heavily processed. “The clubs won’t treat you like I do/ Don’t walk away from us tonight.” Listen below.

Uffie is also featured on a new song by Galantis, which is scheduled to come out tomorrow (5/16).

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