Nicki Minaj Says She And Tina Fey Are Shooting A Movie Called Get Ya Life Ugly

Nicki Minaj and Tina Fey will soon be shooting a movie together, so get ready for a raunchy comedy about a pair of unlikely gal-pals, probably! According to Minaj’s Instagram, the film is called Get Ya Life Ugly and production will begin after Fey and Minaj appear together on Saturday Night Live for the season finale. This news follows her recent album announcement.

“@SNL SEASON FINALE W/ THE ONE & ONLY TINA FKN FEY. GOTTA BE FKN KIDDING ME. OMG,” the caption reads. “SHE & I are shooting our movie after Saturday’s show airs. Yikesssssssssssss. Get ya whole fkn LIFE HOES!!!! In fact, that’s the name of the movie. #GetYaWholeFknLifeHoes sike. It’s called #GetYaLifeUgly”

Here’s an old video of Minaj shattering the glass ceiling. Please, no pickle juice on the set of Get Ya Life Ugly.