Devendra Banhart – “Shown And Told” (Joan Of Arc Cover)

Every so often, Joyful Noise Recordings gets two artists together for their Cause & Effect 7″ series, where one musician is placed alongside a musician that heavily influenced them. Their latest pairing is Tim Kinsella’s band Joan Of Arc and Devendra Banhart. Banhart, whose last album was 2016’s Ape In Pink Marble, chose to cover Joan Of Arc’s “Shown & Told,” off their 2008 album Boo! Human, while Joan Of Arc took on Banhart’s “First Song For B.”

Here’s what Banhart said about his love for Joan Of Arc:

Holy moly do I love Joan of Arc… one of the few bands who, almost 20 years later, I’m still interested in what they have to say, still excited about what direction their work will go… I first heard this song (Shown & Told) in a live setting, the ebb and flow of the hypnotic chords and the depth of the lyrics just knocked me out… what have I done to their song? Surely made it dull and opaque in comparison to the original , and maybe that’s the point, here in homage to one of the great artists, let me say “I hope you enjoy this version but please listen to the original !

Listen to Banhart’s take on “Shown & Told” below.

The latest Cause & Effect 7″ is available through Joyful Noise’s subscription series.