Anohni – “Miracle Now”

Anohni shared a new song today called “Miracle Now.” It’s a part of her sound and video installation and retrospective opening at Kunsthal Nikolaj in Copenhagen. Anohni shared the video for “Miracle Now” on Facebook along with a brief statement. “The video stars Page in the original production of MIRACLE NOW. Page, a trans-surrealist NYC icon, starred in my plays in the 1990s. She was a constant source of joy and inspiration,” she writes.

“Miracle Now” clocks in at about a minute and 40 seconds, but it packs in a deep emotionalism that Anohni is best known for. The instrumentation is sparse — a piano accompanies Anohni as she sings — a clear departure from the most recent work we’ve heard from her on the thunderous Paradise EP and its predecessor HOPELESSNESS.

Watch the video for “Miracle Now” below.