Mommy Long Legs – “Bridezilla”

The Seattle band Mommy Long Legs has been around for a bit now, amassing a tape, an EP, and a 7″ since they started releasing music in 2015. Today, they’re announcing their debut album, Try Your Best, with a new song called “Bridezilla,” which is ridiculous and theatrical and also really damn catchy. It kicks off with a grotty wedding processional that descends into a depiction of a chaotic but fun-as-hell imaginary wedding.

“I’m gonna run down the aisle and tongue-kiss the priest/ I’m gonna dance on your mother like an eight-legged freak,” Leah Miller sings, her voice rasped and noxious. “I’m gonna stuff my face and eat the whole damn cake/ I can’t wait until my perfect wedding day.” There’s background vocalists chanting how much they can’t fucking wait, and the whole song creeps along like some bizarro horror film. Listen below.

01 “Alien”
02 “Bitch Island”
03 “Ditched You”
04 “Dick Move”
05 “Logging Off”
06 “Lube The System”
07 “Abortion”
08 “Call You Out”
09 “Bridezilla”
10 “Try Your Best”

Try Your Best is out 6/22 via Youth Riot Records. Pre-order it here.