Taylor Swift Sweat-Shamed In First Recorded Interview In 2 Years

Sweating is good. It helps your body maintain a healthy temperature and prevents you from overheating. If you find yourself sweating profusely this summer, don’t sweat it (ha ha ha)! That’s your body helping you beat the heat!

Speaking of sweat: Taylor Swift performed a set at Biggest Weekend fest in Swansea, Wales, on Sunday and when she walked offstage she was VERY sweaty. That’s good! Her body was doing what it needed to do. She then proceeded to take part in her first recorded interview in two years with BBC Radio 1’s Greg James. At the end of their quick chat, he decided to comment on how sweaty Swift was, probably because he was so excited to talk to her that he forgot what manners are.

“I think you need to have a shower now,” he said. Swift didn’t seem too fazed by this, because I’m sure she really would rather be showering than talking to some man. “I agree,” she said in response. “And I’m not offended that you said that.”

Needless to say, Swifties are mad. “I can’t not believe someone had the audacity to tell Taylor Swift to take a shower in her first interview in 2 years.THE NERVE,” one fan tweeted. There was such an uproar online that James replied to one of the complaints:

Everyone sweats. Even Taylor Swift. Watch the offending clip below.

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