The Internet – “Come Over”

The Internet – “Come Over”

All the members of the Internet have had their own solo projects since the release of their last album, 2015’s Ego Death, but they’re back together for a new one called Hive Mind that will be out on 7/20. They teased it last month with a video for new track “Roll (Burbank Funk),” which boasted guest appearances from Mac DeMarco, Dev Hynes, and Tyler, The Creator.

But despite those big names in the video, Matt Martians and Syd insisted in a new interview with Beats 1 that the album itself has no guest features: “When you make five solo albums, it’s like why get features? That’s the main thing, we wanted to bring it home on this one. Really prove that we can make it as a band.”

Today, they’ve officially announced the album and shared its tracklist. “Hive Mind is basically just a group ego,” Martians said in the interview. “Ego Death was the death of all our individual egos and now it’s like we’re one group ego. We move as a unit. We’ve become closer since the solo projects. It’s weird, you feel like most bands when they do solo projects, it sort of drifts. But I feel like going out on your own sort of got us battle wounds that we can all relate to. We all move in a unit now. It’s really interesting. Hive Mind is basically one mind. Five people with one mind.”

They’ve shared a smooth new track, “Come Over,” alongside the album announcement. Listen to it below.

01 “Come Together”
02 “Roll (Burbank Funk)”
03 “Come Over”
04 “La Di Da”
05 “Stay The Night”
06 “Bravo”
07 “Mood”
08 “Next Time / Humble Pie”
09 “It Gets Better (With Time)”
10 “Look What U Started”
11 “Wanna Be”
12 “Beat Goes On”
13 “Hold On”

Hive Mind is out 7/20 via Columbia.

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