Jimmy Page And Robbie Williams Are Still Feuding Over Mansion Renovations

Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams have been feuding over mansion renovations since 2015. The Led Zeppelin guitarist and the former boy band star are next-door neighbors in London’s Holland Park neighborhood, and the disputes between them have played out in the British tabloids for years. Their contention stems from the renovations that Williams is making to his house; Page says that the construction is creating undue disturbances to his own property, a Gothic mansion he purchased from the actor Richard Harris in 1972.

Most recently, Williams accused Page of spying on him, which he later apologized for, but their battle is still ongoing.

Page appeared at a Chelsea Council meeting last week and managed to persuade the local authorities to postpone Williams’ plans to build an underground gym and swimming pool, as the Associated Press reports. While Williams said that the construction plans “will result in absolute minimal impact” to the properties surrounding his, the council decided to hold off on approving plans until they can be assured that is true. Page said that he was “really pleased at the outcome.”