Seasonal Beast – “I Can Make You Disappear” Video

Brooklyn’s Seasonal Beast is the moody project of Yuval Semo, who had a brief stint in John Darnielle’s folk group the Mountain Goats, and Israeli composer Yula Beeri. Today, the group is releasing a music video for “I Can Make You Disappear,” the lead track off their 2017 debut album Muscle Memory.

The song is thick and suspended, as if caught in gelatin. But there are subtle, magical twinklings folded in, and a revving, bass-heavy synthesizer adds dramatic color. It’s a track that feels as if it was made for the screen.

Directed by Semo himself, the video follows the song’s gloomy atmosphere. Dancer Tiffany Ogburn glides through barren Brooklyn streets. She’s emotive but fearless as three CGI elephants inch closer, following her tracks.

Semo explains:

The song is about the art of dealing with and controlling inner demons and pains until they eventually go away. There is a fine line between self empowerment and harmful self-affirmation that leads to unhealthy repression.

Watch below.

Muscle Memory is out now. Stream or purchase it here.