Mick Jagger’s Dorky Dad Comments On Teenage Son’s Instagram Are Adorable

A couple of years ago, at the ripe old age of 73, Mick Jagger sired his eighth child. And it looks like that’s the one that finally did him in, because the rock star has now gone full dad on us, leaving embarrassing dad comments on his kid’s Instagram and all.

Jagger was recently spotted leaving little nuggets of dad dorkery like “Cool pic” and “Looks like fun!” in the comments on posts by his second youngest son, 19-year-old Lucas Jagger, Mick’s kid with the Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez. “Watch out for the water,” he wrote on a photo of Lucas enjoying a day at the beach. Good one, dad!

These things go both ways, of course, and Lucas also leaves comments on dear old dad’s pics.

Plus, there’s this great exchange about Mick’s propensity for wearing the same white shoes in every picture:

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