Beth Orton & The Chemical Brothers – “I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain” (Tim Buckley Cover)

Beth Orton and the Chemical Brothers have collaborated a bunch of times over the years, and today the two of them have shared a recently unearthed cover of Tim Buckley’s “I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain” that they say was recorded two decades ago. In a series of tweets, Orton says it’s the first release on her new label Lost Leaves, where she’ll revisit some music she recorded but never released for one reason or another.

“We must have recorded it around the same time as I made Central Reservation; The Chemical brothers would have just released Dig Your Own Hole. Sometime in 1998 possibly,” she wrote. “I imagine the track got put to one side, slotted into that book that I told myself I’d read someday & never did and the track got forgotten. Found by chance last year but released with every intention I hope you enjoy this offering. “

Listen to it below.

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