Nathan Salsburg – “Timoney’s” & “Impossible Air”

Nathan Salsburg – “Timoney’s” & “Impossible Air”

As a folklorist, curator, writer, and singer-songwriter, Nathan Salsburg is what one might call a polymath. The Louisville folk guitarist has four LPs under his belt, two solo and two in duet with James Elkington, as well as a myriad of other writing and archival projects (namely his work as curator for the Alan Lomax Archive). This summer, Salsburg will be releasing his third solo album, aptly entitled Third. Today, we’ve got the chance to hear two mellow tracks, “Timoney’s” and “Impossible Air,” off the forthcoming album.

The decision to write a new album, Salsburg explained to The Fader, is born out of a rediscovery of a sense of fulfillment in the tough but ultimately enriching experience of playing solo guitar. A large part of this epiphany stems from learning to ease up and take himself less seriously, which seems fitting as these two acoustic tracks are about as calming and relaxed as it gets.

“Timoney’s” is a warm instrumental track that blooms and flourishes with each skilled turn of rhythm whereas “Impossible Air” is slightly more down tempo and melancholic, with quieter dynamics that allow for the rootsy chords and harmonies to reverberate in their full splendor. Both are gorgeous folk tunes that further display Salsburg’s masterful command over his crafts. His music sounds like what golden hour in August feels like, soft and easy but still viscerally beautiful each time. Listen below.

Third is out 7/20 via No Quarter, and you can pre-order it here.

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