Jon Spencer – “Do The Trash Can” Video

Jon Spencer is a rock and roll legend at this point. He’s been part of the American underground since the ’80s, creating fuzzy, bluesy punk in groups like Pussy Galore, Boss Hog, Heavy Trash, and most notably the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. He knows how to turn raw, chaotic noise into music.

Today he’s releasing “Do The Trash Can,” the first taste of his debut solo album Spencer Sings The Hits! It’s gritty, fibrous noise rock that’s both twisted and fluffy. The song’s lyrics reach back to the simple, breeziness of early ’60s dance-craze hits like “The Loco-Motion” or “The Twist,” but Spencer has sucked out all the sunny, giddy charm. He keeps the commands, though — they just sound darker and more urgent.

Recorded with Quasi’s Sam Coones and drummer M. Sord, “Do The Trash Can” is a psychotic slasher dance number with a video full of disjointed nightmarish images. It’s not completely fresh, but it submerges you in a world of hardy grunge—simplistic but infectious. And I’m absolutely sure it’d be fun to kick some metal trash cans around to the “Bing bang boom bing bang bam boom boom bang bam a lama boom bang” of the chorus. Watch below.

01 “Do The Trash Can”
02 “Fake”
03 “Overload”
04 “Time 2 Be Bad”
05 “Ghost”
06 “Beetle Boots”
07 “Hornet
08 “Wilderness”
09 “Love Handle”
10 “I Got the Hits”
11 “Alien Humidity”
12 “Cape”

Spencer Sings The Hits! is out early this fall via In The Red Records, and Spencer will embark on a US tour in July with the Melvins.