Jonathan Something – “Fine”

Jonathan Something, the project of Connecticut’s Jon Searles, sounds relatively happy on the surface of his new single “Fine.” But let’s get this straight: Whenever someone says they’re “fine,” they’re not fine. Remember the Katy Perry vine?

Last month Searles released the title track to his upcoming debut Outlandish Poetica. It’s a cheery song about a brutal nightmare in which NBA legend Larry Bird robs him. “Fine” follows a similar satirical breeziness. Searles is delightfully imaginative despite emotional falling apart. It sorta sounds like Matt Costa’s “Mr. Pitiful,” a song I used to play on my piano as a kid when I didn’t really know what being sad was. They both have a playful bounce that works to juxtapose each and every lyric.

I’ve listened enough times where the line, “However could I feel unhappy when I’m on my way to be/ An extraordinary asshole with a bachelor’s degree” stings a bit. But if he’s fine, I’m fine. Listen below.

01 “Outlandish Poetica”
02 “Tell Me”
03 “A Fan”
04 “Happy Day”
05 “Out On Death Row”
06 “Thank You For The Violets”
07 “All That I Ask”
08 “Fine”
09 “Sunday, July 26”

Outlandish Poetica is out in August via Solitaire Recordings.

CREDIT: Gabby Jones