Suicideyear – “Days Forever” (Feat. Georgia)

Baton Rouge-based producer Suicideyear, real name James Prudhomme, has been around since 2013, releasing a string of remixes and mixtapes and two EPs — one in 2014 for Daniel Lopatin’s Software Recording Co. and another, Hate Songs, last year at his new home at LuckyMe.

Prudhomme is now ready to release the first proper Suicideyear full-length, which is called Color The Weather and will be out in a couple weeks. He’s intro-ing it with the gorgeous lead single “Days Forever,” a collaboration with London-based singer and producer Georgia. It’s all blue-brown smears and Georgia’s voice cutting through it like a light in the fog.

“The song to me represents the easiness and will to relive memory, stay stuck in the past and to ignore the actual ways to move on and progress,” Prudhomme says of the track. “The second half of the song acts like a turning point of this behavior going from indulgent to unhealthy. It was also the first song I tracked all real instruments.”

Listen to it below.

01 “7 Year Dream”
02 “Tired”
03 “Momma”
04 “Days Won’t End”
05 “Days Forever” (Feat. Georgia)
06 “Kept Distance”
07 “Little Palace Hidden Heaven”
08 “Said And Done” (Feat. Casey MQ)
09 “Interlude”
10 “Path”
11 “Color The Weather (Outro)”

Color The Weather is out 7/6 via LuckyMe. Pre-order it here.