Anna Meredith – “Low Light” & “Ice”

Classical-electronic composer Anna Meredith excels at blending old and new. Her upcoming album Anno, performed in collaboration with the Scottish Ensemble, weaves Vivaldi’s Four Seasons together with her experimental originals.<--more!-->

The sprawling double-single “Low Light” and “Ice” leans into a more classical, orchestral sound than her previous 2018 release “Calion.” The two compositions are the first look into Anno, and together they live, die, and bloom again.

“Low Light” starts small, light and faded. But it builds, becoming more saturated as Meredith’s electronic work spirals through the song’s core amid drawn-out strings and percussive tinkering. The oscillating watercolor background in the accompanying video seems fitting for a song awash with soothing stripes of color.

“Ice” falls into a more ominous lull. Each sound, each instrument is singular, and the colors have sharp, geometric lines. The composition is constantly growing, always reaching higher. You’re aware of each pluck. Listen below.

Anno is out 8/17 via Moshi Moshi. Pre-order it here.