Graham Nash Unearths Demo Of “Teach Your Children,” A Future CSN&Y Hit Rejected By The Hollies

In a couple weeks, Graham Nash is releasing the anthology collection Over The Years…, which contains songs from across his career and a whole disc worth of demos that have mostly never been released.

One of those demos is an early version of “Teach Your Children,” recorded in 1968. The song would go on to be a hit for Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young in 1970. But, as Rolling Stone lays out, Nash originally presented this demo to his old band the Hollies and, when they were more interested in pursuing their Bob Dylan covers album than recording original songs, it solidified his decision to leave the group.

“I was writing what I thought were decent songs that The Hollies were ignoring,” Nash said in an interview back in 2012. “They wanted to do an album of Bob Dylan songs in a Las Vegas kind of style, and I didn’t want to do that, although I did ‘Blowin’ In The Wind,’ which pisses me off to this day.”

Listen to the “Teach Your Children” demo below.

Over The Years… is out 6/29.