Marilyn Manson – “Cry Little Sister” (Gerard McMahon Cover)

The Lost Boys, Joel Schumacher’s landmark 1987 teenage-rebel-vampires movie, is firmly etched in the collective memory of every kid who grew up watching TV in the ’90s. It arguably helped make the world safe for creepy-crawly gothed-out visions like the one that Marilyn Manson got rich by portraying. So how did it it take Manson this long to cover a song from the Lost Boys soundtrack?

One of the highlights from the iconic Lost Boys soundtrack is “Cry Little Sister,” the brooding gothic synth-rocker from the UK multi-instrumentalist Gerard McMahon. Eminem, Lil B, and Krayzie Bone have all rapped over samples of it. It’s the one with the kids’ choir singing “thou shalt not kill” in the background. It’s not the one with the shirtless, greased-up saxophone player; that’s Tim Cappello’s “I Still Believe,” which is arguably even better.

“Cry Little Sister” already sounded a lot like a Marilyn Manson song, but it sounds even more like one in the Manson version, as he does his trademark raspy overselling all over it. Manson reportedly recorded his version for the soundtrack of the new X-Men spinoff The New Mutants, which was supposed to come out earlier this year but which saw its release delayed indefinitely. So maybe Manson just decided to put his take on the song out into the world today. Listen to the Manson cover and the original below.

Manson’s cover is out now at iTunes.