Beach House – “Black Car” Video

We named Beach House’s latest offering, 7, the best album of the year so far. It’s the most sonically adventurous album the band has ever released, featuring collaboration with Peter Kember (Sonic Boom) as well as their live drummer James Barone. “Black Car” is easily 7’s most eerie, noirish single and today Beach House debuted a video for it directed by Victoria Legrand’s brother Alistair, who helmed the horror films The Diabolical and Clinical.

The concept for the “Black Car” video is simple: a snow-dusted car drives through empty city streets in the middle of the night. Curiously, it doesn’t have a driver. It’s a moody, fitting accompaniment to a song that inspires a sense of disquietude. Alistair Legrand has directed two previous Beach House videos: “Silver Soul” and “Heart Of Chambers.” Watch his interpretation of “Black Car” below.

7 is out now via Sub Pop.