Police Think XXXTentacion Murder Was Random, Soldier Kidd & Soldier Jojo Deny Involvemenent

Two days ago, the 20-year-old rap star XXXTentacion was shockingly gunned down in broad daylight in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Given the cultlike devotion of XXXTentacion’s fans, it’s not that surprising that there have already been plenty of conspiracy theories about his death circulated on social media. Some thought, based on old and recirculated videos, that XXXTentacion was really still alive. Others thought, based on some lyrics that were really about sending dick pics, that Drake was rapping about ordering a hit on XXXTentacion on “I’m Upset.” But according to police, the actual circumstances of XXXTentacion’s death were likely much more sadly mundane.

According to USA Today, police are investigating the killing as part of a robbery. Two armed suspects reportedly approached XXXTentacion while he was sitting, alone, in a luxury car outside RIVA Motorsports. At least one of them fired, and they escaped in a black SUV. No arrests have been made.

XXXTentacion’s lawyer David Bogenschutz says that police believe it to be a random robbery. Shortly before visiting the motorcycle dealer, XXXTentacion visited a bank and may have withdrawn cash to buy a motorcycle.

There has been widespread social-media speculation that two local rappers, Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo, are the people who killed XXXTentacion. One of the people who called 911 to report the shooting claimed that one of the shooters was wearing a red mask, and fans noticed that Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo had posed together with a red mask on Instagram on the day of the shooting.

Both Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo have since gone to Instagram to deny that they had anything to do with it. In a shared video, Soldier Kidd says, “All my condolences to the man’s family… I ain’t have nothing to do with it.”

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Soldier Jojo has since made his Instagram private, but USA Today reports that he said, “I respect that man for who he is, so RIP to that man.”

In other news, NME reports that Los Angeles police shut down an impromptu memorial for XXXTentacion after fans got rowdy.